A Photographer Captured A Bird That Looks Like A Fairy Tale – Charcoal Of Sophie

One of the most beautiful of nature’s wonders that we are not aware of is the Carbonito de Sophie. The Carbonito is a small bird with a beautiful and vibrant multicoloured plumage and is only seen in Asia’s boreal forests.

Scientifically known as Leptopoecile Saphiae, this beautiful bird lived in the boreal forests, China, India and Russia. What makes this creature stand out is its plumage, with a blue coat with violet tones, grey or white eyebrows and a pink belly.

The male of this species has this beautiful plumage, and these birds’ measures to no more than 10 cm, and weighs from 6 – 8 grams. Although these birds live in pairs only during mating season, you can see them in flocks of up to 25 birds after this. The diet of a Carbonito de Sophie includes seeds, spiders, insects and berries.

Due to the intelligence, this species of birds have in building nests. They are not in an imminent threat of extinction. They are also not easily noticeable with their natural camouflage, which is also in their favour as they do not have such large predators to fly away from.