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Cat left alone at home suddenly realizes that he is not alone

Coco is a sweet cat. He is a very proud cat like most cats. He is very cute and his family loves him a lot.
His owner, Emily Chaplin and her family adopted him two years ago. Since then, they have become well acquainted with the cutie.

He loves to open cabinets and sleeping in them. He gets his food out of the cabinets during dinner time and shreds paper towels when bored.

Coco knows the rules for these things, but he thinks they don’t apply to him.


One day, Chaplin and her husband decided to set up a camera to keep looking at Coco while they are off at work. It was placed high on a shelf and faced to the kitchen, assuming that it is out of reach and out of sight of their cat.

However, the cat was smarter than they could even imagine. Within a few hours of installing the camera, Coco was caught in the act of breaking house rules.


Chaplin’s husband happened to check the camera and noticed that Coco was half in the cabinet. He went to the microphone and told Coco to get out. But Coco was not happy that he was being watched.

He knocked it down! He was not happy about his parents were watching them. The camera footage shows the cat making it down. Coco showed zero remorse.

Chaplin and her husband were not surprised, as it is Coco being Coco! It has been typical for them.


They finally had to admit that there was no way they can make him accept the house rules. Chaplin and her family always believe that Coco is a mischievous cat and a very cool one. And now they have proofs to show how cool their cat is!


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