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Dog refuses to leave a hole, turns out he was asking for help.

On that day, Willians Mollo Flores stepped out to take his dog on an evening walk. He had no idea that he was going to save a life while he was walking on that path near his home in Chile. It was not only one life, he saved two innocent lives.


While he was walking with his dog it was an old construction site nearby. Flores noticed his dog tugging at the leash in another direction off their path. Immediately he noticed why.

It was an abandoned puppy. He was not okay and he was howling a lot. It turned out that the pup was not trying to get Flore’s attention for his own sake, alone. Because he wasn’t alone!


The spot where the abandoned puppy stood was marked with a number of deep open holes. Sadly, in one of them, there was another dog, trapped inside it.

Flores suddenly realized the dog’s action. He was looking for help.

Here is a glimpse of that scene:

Flores had no idea how to help. It was a tense moment. He immediately ran home and grabbed water, food and rope. Then came to the dog’s aid. He climbed into the hole and managed to get him out.

The moment he was released, the trapped dog immediately ran to his sibling. It was like a thank you for not leaving him alone.


The dog ate the food and drank some water Flores had brought. But the dogs were still weak to follow him home. Therefore, Flores stayed with them. Within the next few hours, he reached out for aid from others on social media.
That’s how animal rescuer Valeska Torres Tapia learned of the situation. Even though it was midnight, she still raced to the spot.

She brought them home. The dogs were afraid but she did everything to save them. She gave all the love and care she could show them.


After a good bath, they became shining back as lovely loyal dogs. She knew that they are siblings that were inseparable. She named them, Angel and Salvador.


Tapia believes that the dog pair had been abandoned there by the operator of a puppy mill. Poor souls, only believed each other as there was no one to help them. They are lovely, and always hugging each other.


Luckily, Tapia decided to keep them forever. She always tries to find the abandoned dogs the best family. But as these twins are inseparable, she believes that it will be hard for them to find a new home. So, she decided to keep them with her. She is ready to keep loving them more than they ever could imagine.


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