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Boston Terrier Saves owners’ baby daughter’s life

Henry is an 8-year-old Boston Terrier living with his family in Connecticut, and he saved the life of the 9-month-old daughter of his owner. Although at first it seemed that the dog was being naughty, however, it turns out that he attracted attention to the danger to the child. Henry usually watches TV, hugs the owners or sleeps, but on the evening on this fateful day, he started acting differently. The 9 month old daughter of owners Kelly and Jeff Dowling had just caught a cold and was fast asleep in her room.

The dog was trying with all his might to wake up the baby. The owners kept kicking him out each time he opened the door to the child’s room and stood there, and returned as soon as the owners left. However, his noise caused the baby to wake up and cry, and then Kelly noticed that the baby didn’t cry the same way she used to. According to Kelly, the baby’s airways were blocked and she couldn’t breathe and was starting to turn blue and freeze. The shocked parents rushed their baby girl to the hospital where the doctors helped her.

In an interview, wife Kelly Dowling shares: “I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her up. We don’t deserve dogs.” Trying to thank the dog for his act, the couple allowed him to spend the night on their bed, and he also got his Christmas gifts earlier than expected. Soon enough, he would be having a good juicy steak.


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