Big-hearted house cat cares for an orphaned baby bobcat kitten with love

Last month, Millstone Wildlife Center in New Hampshire was alerted about a baby bobcat who had been abandoned by her mother. The poor six-week-old kitten was fortunately found to be healthy, but only physically. She was lonely and sad without her mom, so she cried out from heartache and loneliness. But she was not lonely so far.


The kitten’s rescuers immediately got in touch with Spicy Cats, which is a rescue and rehabilitator for feral felines. They have a resident cat named Honeybun- who is a big-hearted foster mom. She had already raised several litters of kittens not her own.

Honeybun had never raised a wild kitten before. But her loving instinct had no limits.


“She is very very maternal and patient so we knew she’d be perfect for the bobkitten” Caroline, the president of Spicy Cats said.

With the Honeybun’s presence, the bobkitten was healing. She had the patience of a saint with her foster baby. “It totally warms my heart to see them together,” Caroline said. She believed that he would be the best way to heal the bobkitten.

Honeybun won’t be able to teach the skills the bobcat that she needs to survive in the wild, because she is a domestic cat. However, when the time is right, she will be placed with another bobcat at the Milestone Wildlife Center to reach her full potential. Caroline said that the MWC is planning to release her in the spring.


With any luck, the bobcat kitten will thrive one day in the wild. And it will all have been made possible thanks to the big-hearted cat mother named Honeybun!