Abandoned puppy found in a graveyard is happy to see his rescuer again.

On that night, the staff members at a cemetery in Missouri saw a shadow moving through the graveyard. They were not scared about it, because they had seen an influx of visitors trotting around on four legs.

After getting a better look the next day they confirmed that their guest was a small pup. He was missing most of his hair and his feet were too sore to walk on. They decided to call their friends at Stay Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL).


Donna Lochmann, the chief lifesaving officer said that many stray pups make their way into the cemetery. “They just get under the fence and decide that they like it because it is quiet,” Lochmann said. As it is a huge cemetery, they have a lot of space to get away from people.

But every stray dog deserves a proper shelter, so Lochmann and the staff immediately were there. They spread out and searched the graveyard trying to find the puppy.


After looking for a while one of the team members found the small puppy curled underneath a bush. Lochmann scooped up the puppy and immediately took him to the vet for the treatments. He had a bad skin condition and there were wounds even on his feet. They named the pup Kamper, after one of the tombstones in the graveyard where he was found.


When Kamper finally started to feel better, his caregivers at SRSL decided to let him see his rescuers at the cemetery.
“It was really emotional for everyone, especially for Kamper and the volunteer who called us,” Lochmann said. as soon as he saw the cemetery staff again, he lit up with excitement. He barreled toward each of them hugged and kissed them showing gratitude.

And the staff at the cemetery were so happy to see him like this too. They were happy that they called the rescue that day. And the lady in there was so emotional to see him back as a reborn dog.

After a few tears and tons of kisses, Kamper had to say goodbye to his friends at the cemetery.


Luckily the shelter was able to find him a loving foster home right away. On top of receiving routine medicated baths and a fresh set of pyjamas to protect his healing skin, Kamper gets to play with his new dog siblings at the foster home until he finds a forever home.

He is now a happy puppy!