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Bear, who was so sad and lonely that she lost her fur, is now thriving

Cholita, a bear raised in captivity, was released into the wild around seven years ago. She’d been stolen as a cub and sold to a touring circus and then a zoo, spending most of her time in a small cage watching life pass her by until Animal Defenders International (ADI) intervened and relocated her to a refuge in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

But, before all of that, the spectacled bear lost all of her hair due to stress and loneliness.

Since then, a lot has changed, and no one is happier than Cholita.


“We were so concerned about her health throughout her trek across the Andes that we built an oxygen tent for her at altitude,” ADI said on Facebook. “After seven years, you can observe how much she has prospered in her native surroundings.”

Cholita’s life has changed dramatically since she was a child. Her fur may never grow back owing to her thick skin, but her naturally lively nature has now been given the opportunity to show.

“It’s difficult to know Cholita and not fall in love with her,” ADI continued.


The friendly bear has been a consistent presence on ADI’s social media accounts, gaining thousands of followers from all around the world. Cholita’s followers adore seeing her relaxing in a natural woodland enclosure, cave, pool, or preferred hammock.

“This week, our gorgeous Queen of the Forest is looking forward to sliced melons and plenty of additional fruit to celebrate Halloween!” In another Facebook post, ADI stated.

Cholita has been through a lot, but at 30 years old, she’s prospering in her native home, where she gets to eat her favorite food in the world – grapes.


“The miraculous survivor’s rescue motivated government authorities to save additional bears in Peru,” stated Jan CreamerADI, President of ADI, in an interview. “Cholita spends her days speaking with Dominga or Sabina next door, exploring her environment, swimming in the pool, or sleeping in her cave.”

It makes no difference what occurred in the gentle bear’s past. Cholita is now secure and living the life she has always deserved.



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