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Baby deer; the gift 4 year old boy found in the woods

Sometimes it’s quite a mystery to understand the way the kids think. Well, their intentions are completely pure and that’s a fact. But, sometimes their actions are just beyond our understanding.
That’s what happened to Stephanie Brown when her 4-year-old son, Dominic accompanied a fawn home after playing.
Dominic’s family was on a vacation in Massanutten Resort in Virginia when this happened.

Image posted on Facebook by stephanie Brown

It was like a scene from a Disney movie and this is not something we see in everyday life. Stephanie was explaining to Dominic that they are leaving on that day and he was playing outside. So, it’s still a mystery how they become so close within these few minutes because the fawn showed no fear of the boy or the mom. And he was quite photogenic. He was so calm when the mom took a few photos and videoed him. However, expecting no such thing, Stephanie was dumbfounded to see a fawn in front of the cabin door. Dominic named the fawn Flash, after one of the superheroes from the DC comics.

Image posted on Facebook by stephanie Brown

” I remained in shock. I was like, ‘No other way. My mind is playing games with me. It had not been such as anything weird for him, it was so strange. They were just in sync.” Stephanie shared her experience.

Stephanie’s shared photos of the fawn on the internet gained millions of attention. “They both resemble this is a day-to-day occurrence for them. So precious, both of them,” One has commented. “Your son and also his friend are very cute. Fantastic photo,” Another comment said. “They appear like friends,” One has written.


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