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An Unusual Friendship between Cat and Chipmunk, who won’t stop Cuddling

Today, we’re bringing to you a story about an unlikely friendship between a chipmunk and your average house-cat. You’d expect the cat to chase around the chipmunk and attack it, as it’s the nature of cats. But to everyone’s surprise, the duo became friends.


One sunny day, a little chipmunk had wondered into a yard to investigate his new surroundings, but he was only met with a very fluffy kitty who lives in the house, and whose tail is three times bigger than the size of the chipmunk. The owner of the cat says “My cat became pals with a chipmunk,” and had taken a picture of when the two had met, and here it is.


Although you would think that the cat would’ve attacked the chipmunk, as that is in his nature, this kitten goes up to the chipmunk, and lies down on the ground, showing his openness and friendliness.


The chipmunk then does something much unexpected. It nimbly jumps onto the back of the cat for a little snuggle.


Although the first time the chipmunk sees the cat who is a few times larger than himself, he looks intimidated, after the cat lies down, the chip soon looks even more comfortable and at ease.

The chipmunk soon came to understand that the kitty cat wanted to be friends with him as well.


After lounging awhile on the cat, the chipmunk even goes on to jump on the cat and move about in the fluff.

The cat now has a new friend, in a chipmunk, and they look simply adorable.


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