An abandoned dog searches every yard for his long-lost family

While people in Southern California prepared for a historic hurricane last week, one lonely dog had nowhere to go. He strode through a Los Angeles neighborhood, peeking into each yard in the hopes of finding the family who’d abandoned him.

Neighbors spotted the enormous, white dog sulking by their homes but were unsure how to assist him. That’s when they got in touch with Suzette Hall, the creator of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue.


“The neighbors were all feeding him,” Hall explained in an interview, “but no one wanted to let him in because he had so many ticks.” “The poor baby just sat there.”

Even if neighbors had opened their doors to the dog, Hall doubts he would have entered. He was obviously obsessed with locating his family and refused to leave the street without them.

“He would look under people’s gates, as if to say, ‘Are you my home?'” Hall stated. “He just wanted to find his family.”


With the storm gathering overhead, Hall drove as swiftly as he could to the Orange County community. He lifted his head with a hopeful stare toward the automobile as she approached the dog on the sidewalk.

He first believed that his family had finally returned to him. But he immediately understood that Hall was there to help him, which left him feeling conflicted.

“It was as if he knew a rescuer was on his way,” Hall recalled. “But he was hesitant because he expected them to return.” I believe he believed that if he went with me, he would never see his family again.”

Hall was aware of how upset the dog, whom she eventually called Scooby, was, but she refused to leave without him.


So she sat by his side and chatted to him quietly until he was ready to depart.

“We had a long talk,” Hall explained. “I told him his family wasn’t coming back, but that he was safe with me.”

Hall eventually wrapped a leash around Scooby’s collar and brought him to her van. Scooby could finally let his guard down for the first time in days – and he knew exactly how to celebrate.

“He fell asleep instantly once I got him in my van,” Hall added. “He’s so nice. “What a cuddlebug.”

Hall drove immediately to Camino Pet Hospital, where Scooby’s diseases were treated by a devoted team of caregivers. The devoted lad was soon feeling better than ever.

“He literally just wiggles his tail now, rolls over, and wants belly rubs,” said Hall.


Scooby is presently spending his days at the pet hospital, looking for a permanent home. For a loving dog like Scooby, Hall hopes his happily-ever-after comes sooner rather than later.

“We are desperately looking for the forever family that he deserves,” Hall explained. “He’ll never, ever be abandoned again.”