A wayward dog walks into a police precinct to report herself missing

Recently, when this adorable puppy named Rosie became lost near her home in England, she chose the ideal spot to seek assistance.

She simply walked into a nearby police station and reported (in her own unique way) her own missing.

“[You] can see her approaching the doors before coming in and taking a seat in the corner,” Leicestershire Police said in a statement. “Wonderful dog!”

Here’s footage of Rosie in action:

It’s unclear how long Rosie had been missing, but after making her existence known to authorities, it was only a matter of time before things were put right.

However, the cops noted, “Our staff grabbed some water for Rosie and quickly became fast friends with plenty of fuss. Fortunately, she was wearing a collar, so there was a lead available to contact Rosie’s owner, who was overjoyed that she had been discovered safe and sound.”

Rosie’s own cunning had made their task easy, albeit she was exhausted by the end of the small play.

Rosie’s problem-solving abilities have gained her a lot of internet accolades, which she fully deserves. However, the police may have said it best.

Finally, they wrote, “What a gorgeous, bright dog.”