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A Photographer Captures A Brown Bear Enjoying A Bath Hilariously In A Russian Lake

credit: caters news agency

Every species, even animals have their child side. Not every human is lucky enough to witness the fun side of some majestic animals.

The amateur photographer Giuseppe D’Amico was on the shores of the Kurile Lake, Russia on that day, when he captured a brown bear, enjoying a bath in the lake.

credit: caters news agency

The bears come to the lake to feed themselves. But this time, one particular bear thought of having a time for itself. He might be really enjoying the moment and it was hilarious at the same time.

credit: caters news agency

” I was taking pictures of some bears hunting red salmon up stream when I spotted this bear in the distance,” D’Amico  said. “He was washing his hair as a human would, it was hilarious. ‘He was really intent on it but was so clumsy.’”

In the season, the Kurile lake is full with sockeye salmon and also with the bears as sockeye salmon are their main food source.

credit: caters news agency

A few years ago, there was another video where a bear splashes in a pool as a daily routine, which went viral. This happened at a nature conservation called Single Vision in Florida.


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