A Man Out on a Run Becomes Aware That He is Being Followed

Jared Wein, an ardent runner, frequently runs with others to prepare for forthcoming events.

But he’s never had a jogging buddy quite like this before.


Wein was out for a run near his house in Michigan earlier this week when he picked a course that went through a neighborhood park. He came across a group of three deer munching on some grass just off the route. Wein had no idea what was going to happen next.

Seeing a person out running inexplicably motivated the deer to get some workout as well. And then, to to his surprise, Wein discovered himself being followed.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘How insane and outrageous is this?” Wein revealed in an interview. “I had to videotape it because else no one would believe me.”

You can take a look at this strange scene here:

The deer followed Wein for almost a half mile, slowing when he slowed and speeding up when he sped up. The animals eventually chose a different path, heading down a quiet side street as Wein remained straight.

Nonetheless, Wein’s odd jogging companions made the training that day more successful than others.

“I run a lot, but that was one of my fastest times,” he explained. “I was going faster than usual because I believe they encouraged me to do so. I’ll remember them the next time I run a race.”