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A herd of Asian elephants takes a peaceful nap after a 500km journey

A video showing a herd of wandering Asian elephants taking a nap together has blown up through the internet. They were on a migration walk when they decided to take a rest after heavy rain slowed down their travels. They were walking along the way for an extraordinary 500km trip from the natural habitat which has taken around 15 months. The herd is being closely monitored during their migration while they walk through cities, villages, and fields. Also, the local government has deployed around 500 personnel and 14 drones to make sure the herd is safe. And also they try and steer the elephants in the right direction.

This herd consists of around 15 elephants including three calves, one male, and the rest females. Although the male has recently broken free and is around 4km away from the group.

Apparently, they have already eaten millions of dollars worth of crops. They have also been nosying their way through doors and windows and have been damaging buildings too.

credit: Reddit

Still, no one knows the exact purpose of their journey but it has intrigued people all over the world.

Some believe it could be an inexperienced leader who led the herd astray whereas others think they may search for a new habitat. Either way, we can certainly find out where they end up. Currently, they are in China which is home to only 300 wild elephants. The Asian elephant is in fact an endangered species. Scientists believe that this is the longest journey of wild elephants which has traveled from their habitat before.

credit: Reddit

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