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6 Signs A Nice Person Secretly Has Negative Intentions.

It is important to know people in the life. We know a lot of people in our lives. Then have you met anyone who looked very good and nice at first sight? Therefore, we quickly become attached to them, because they inspired you with confidence and feelings of sincere friendship that could arise from a friendship. However, it soon could turn for anything suspicious and suspect. You would feel that they are hiding their true feelings and behavior. It is something different from what you saw before.
There are people who seem very innocent and honest at first, but in reality, they could be deceiving. These people are the ones who hide their negative feelings and intentions. However, it will take some time to determine the true nature of them. Therefore, sometimes you realize this soon enough and leave them. But sometimes times it would be too late.
Therefore, here are six signs that a seemingly nice and good person has secret negative intentions:

1. Making demands

A person may seem nice, but at the same time, he or she will try to manipulate you. Therefore, they make various demands. They always believe that they are superior to all. and try to get their work done by other people. Therefore, you can always discuss and dispute their words, but you can also refuse to participate in their games. These tips can help you avoid problems.

2. You feel bad after to talking with them.

When you connect with a good person, you literally feel positive after spending time with her. It is different when you deal with a wolf disguised as a sheep, you end up with a negative feeling.

3. Showing abnormal eye contact and body language

The handling psychological can be defined as the exercise of influence improperly to through the distortion of mind and exploitation emotional, with the intention of taking the power, control, benefits and privileges of costs of the victim.
The manipulators know how to detect your weaknesses. they persuaded to give up something that is yours to fulfill their wishes. Therefore, if you can examine clearly, you can see their true feelings to a certain level. They always had a hidden agenda to easily attack to the other person.

4. They use the persuasion as one game.

A person maliciously hides behind a nice character use it continuously to get what they want. They will pressure you to do something you don’t want to do. They are professionals to manipulate the people around them to get what they want.

5. Use humor to insult you

When they want to say something offensive, they tell something and add the part “just kidding.” Then it is a way to make you fall. They could the use this method when you are among lots of people. Its main objective is to make you look bad in front of other people.

6.their conversations are always unidirectional.

People who have a good appearance but bad intentions seek to dominate the discussions. They try to influence you and control you. Therefore, they will try to prove their arguments and make you feel guilty. Manipulate the talks to do all what they are concerned. You will take a moment to notice such signs.
But after spending enough time with this person, you begin to give account that never you can speak to that and the discussion always seems to turn in around to it.


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