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24-year-old loyal turtle becomes flower girl at her father’s wedding

Paul McDonald and a buddy were walking out of a movie theater 24 years ago when they noticed what they believed was a rock on the ground in front of them. They instantly recognized it was a very small turtle and raced to assist her.

McDonald had this to say in an interview: “She was headed into a very busy parking lot, and I was worried she’d be run over by a car. We weren’t sure where she came from — there may have been a swampy area way behind the movie theater, but when we looked, we really couldn’t find anything that seemed suitable to relocate her to. I still had my soda cup from the movie I had just seen, and there was a big puddle nearby (it was a rainy day), so I rinsed out the cup and filled it with the rainwater and scooped Colors up.”


McDonald’s buddy desperately wanted to keep the small turtle, but he had recently acquired a pet gerbil, so his mother refused. McDonald was overjoyed with the decision since it allowed him to return home and persuade his own parents to let him acquire a pet turtle — and so started the story of a youngster and his closest friend, Colors.

Colors was present at every big event in McDonald’s life throughout the years. They got to see each other grow up, and neither of them will ever take it for granted.


McDonald continued: “She is my lifelong companion. She’s always been around to cheer me up during the hard times, and she’s truly helped enrich my life with love, companionship, and the wonderful responsibility of caring for a loved one … I smile every time I see her and feel so lucky that we’ve been a part of each other’s lives for so long.”

When McDonald first met Shannon, his now-wife, he instantly informed her about Colors. If Shannon hadn’t agreed to a turtle companion, that would have been the end of it, but happily, Shannon couldn’t wait to meet Colors and now loves her as much as her husband does.


As the couple planned their wedding, they knew they wanted Colors and Shannon’s rescue dog, Kylie, to be there. They would need someone to look after their daughters for the day while they were being married, so they contacted Julianne DeChaump of Luxe Dog Nanny to see if she could assist.

DeChaump has been a doggie chaperone at over 250 weddings, but she has never looked after a non-dog animal before, so she was overjoyed when she discovered about Colors.


“We’re the first company to chaperone a turtle,” DeChaump stated in ain interview. “What a fun thing to know now! We love all animals, so it’s been very exciting to care for Colors on one of the biggest days of her parents’ lives.”


DeChaump paid Colors and her sister, Kylie, a visit before the wedding to get to know them and make sure they were completely at ease. Despite having never worked with a turtle before, she instantly fell in love with Colors and couldn’t wait to look after her and assist her be a flower girl at her father’s wedding.


People couldn’t get enough of Colors on the wedding day. Everyone liked the concept of her being a part of the wedding and were having a great time getting to know her. Colors is an inquisitive and sociable turtle, so she was having a good time with all of her parents’ friends as she waited for her big appearance. DeChaump kept an eye on her to make sure she wasn’t becoming overwhelmed, but Colors stayed completely comfortable and delighted to be there.

It was now Colors’ turn to shine. DeChaump carried her into the ceremony, placed her at the head of the aisle, and then stood back to let her do her thing.


Colors’ bold selections truly livened up the event, and the aim was to let her determine how she wanted to make her entry.

McDonald continues to add: “Colors took a few strides ahead before turning around. Even when she entered the most packed place she’d ever been in, she exhibited no anxiety. She didn’t’shell up,’ and I believe her inherent interest about the live music that was being played led her to the guitarist rather than down the aisle. It also allowed me to meet her at the bottom of the aisle so that we could walk up to the front together, with me holding her, which is what I was secretly hoping for.”


Every single person applauded and roared with laughing as soon as Colors entered the room, so she could have done anything and the crowd would have been happy. The couple didn’t advertise Colors’ involvement in the wedding, but most of the attendees had already met her and were familiar with her tale, so it wasn’t a surprise. Colors had always been important to Paul, and everyone enjoyed seeing her be present to welcome Shannon into the family.

Colors was given back to DeChaump after walking down the aisle with her father, who afterwards made sure she arrived home safely. Even though she and Kylie were not present at the reception, the couple made care to include them in little ways, such as naming specialty cocktails after them and placing their faces on playing cards that attendees received. Colors and Kylie are extremely important to their parents, as everyone who attended the wedding witnessed.


Colors may have been the first turtle flower girl, and she and her parents are overjoyed she was able to claim the honor. She and her father have been best friends for 24 years, and while he probably never anticipated they’d be best friends for so long, he wouldn’t have it any other way. His wedding day would have been incomplete without her there.


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