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Young boys rescue a newborn Beluga whale

One day, a group of teenagers saw a newborn beluga whale washed ashore during their family vacation on the St. Lawrence River in Canada.

15years old Nicholas Milliard told that how he and his younger brothers were managed to save the little one. To keep the animal hydrated they poured water in every five minutes. They made a hole so that water could accumulate to hydrate its skin.

The family from Quebec immediately called rescuers. They didn’t forget to continue caring for the baby dolphin until the specialists come.

Rescuers came and they returned the animal to the water, hoping that it will be reunited with its mother or another beluga whale will feed it.

Ages back there were thousands of beluga whales in the St. Lawrence River. But now their population has decreased because of the pollution of the reservoir.

By the way, all thanks should go to the boys who rescued the newborn beluga baby. Now it has a chance to survive.


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