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Woman sees her dog outside and brings her in – but she is already inside

When you have a pet, what you do first after work is go home and see them. Their sweet welcomes will make your stress and hard-working days full of relief.

Tia Belton was used to this. One day she was arriving home from work and was excited to see her dog, Reese. When she pulled up to her Apartment what she saw was shocking. Reese was all alone outside. She was sniffing around the dumpster. Belton was frightened and didn’t know how she managed to get out of the apartment.


She was distressed. “My Reese never wanders off and doesn’t particularly enjoy running outside,” Belton told. Even the dumpster of the apartment complex is also not near her apartment at all. Seeing the dog who loves to sunbathe, in a dumpster was too much for her.

Belton called to Reese, and she came running over to the car. She jumped in and Belton perked and then they went to their apartment. She was still feeling a little annoyed at Reese. But when she opened the door, she was shocked again. Reese was already inside, waiting for her!


Belton looked at the mystery dog again and realized she had a big mistake. The dog who was exactly the same as Reese was named Bella. “How dare I not recognize my own baby?” Belton said. They looked together at her like it was a parent trap or something.

Reese by the way was impressed when she sees her twin at home. Belton realized that it was a very possible mistake by looking at the same-looking dogs. She thought that the dog may have missed her family, so she quickly set about trying to find them.


Belton put up some posters and drove around with Reese and Bella and did some searching. Within three days Bella’s family reached out to her. They said goodbye to Reese’s unexpected twin. The sweet little dog reunites with her family. The mystery is solved at the end happily. But the experience had given Belton a very important lesson. “Having Bella and Reese made me think Reese may need a sibling soon” Belton said.


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