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When you’re hungry, you have to ask humans for a snack

A while back in Russia there was a loveable moment when a fox approaching a few fishermen asking for treats. Even though wild, red foxes are very adept to live in almost any environment, during the cold season, they approach human settlements looking for food.


When two fishermen were on a completely frozen lake in Russia, trying to catch some fish, they had the most intimate encounter with a wild red fox. When the fishermen were comfortable the fox paid them a short visit looking for some food.


At one point, one of the fishermen spotted the fox hovering around them and called out to the animal. Surprisingly enough, the fox answered to their call and got real close, and the fishermen offered the tiny fox a snack which she gobbled up quickly. As the fox was extremely friendly, the two men took out their phones to record and snap some pictured of their unusual visitor. The uncanny fox obliged to the photo shoot in exchange for treats from the fishermen.

As it gets extremely difficult to find food during winter for these creatures, these interactions have become very common between red foxes and humans.


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