When a stray dog knocks on the door, the pharmacist realizes she needs assistance

This is Turkish pharmacist Banu Cengiz.

She also like dogs, and it’s obvious.

In addition to saving her beloved cat from the streets many years ago, Cengiz also keeps a comfortable little haven in front of her drugstore for all the stray dogs she is unable to adopt.


Cengiz does it out of love and not for attention, but it appears that word has gotten out among the neighborhood stray dogs that she is a caring individual.

Cengiz was at work as usual this week when she saw a dog acting differently from the other dogs outdoors. This pup was waiting patiently at the entrance rather than, say, relaxing in the bedding she graciously provides for them.


In an interview, the woman had this to say: “She was looking at me. I said, ‘Baby, is there a problem?'”

Once inside, she saw that the dog was clearly having a difficulty since she was bleeding from a tiny cut on her paw.

She was requesting assistance, and Cengiz was more than pleased to do it.


After applying antiseptic to the dog’s wound and waiting for the bleeding to cease, the pharmacist administered antibiotics. The dog behaved like the ideal patient the entire time, acting as though it understood Cengiz’s good intentions.


She laid down as though to thank me once I was finished, according to Cengiz. She was expressing her faith in you.

Cengiz’s pharmacy acted as a little rehabilitation room for the rest of the day, allowing the tired dog to slumber peacefully.

The dog received food, water, and access to a dog bed that Cengiz kept indoors.

She knew she had arrived to the proper spot.


By closing time, the furry patient looked to be recovering. Her eyes and energy were urging her back to the street outdoors, which was regrettably her usual environment.

More than anybody else, Cengiz had assisted the dog. She hoped she could do more though.

Cengiz stated, “Unfortunately, I couldn’t take her home,” which was probably a typical regret for a kind person in a place where stray animals are abundant. “I’ve dealt with stray animals for a long time. When I can, I assist them find homes as well as feed and treat them.”


The temporary safe haven in front of her drugstore is the next best thing. Cengiz does it to show less fortunate dogs—like her patient on that particular day—that they are still loved.


“I act in response to how people feel. We must assist people in need “added Cengiz. “People ought to instil in their kids a love and respect for environment and animals. After that, everyone will be able to coexist in a lovely planet.”