When a man sees a koala attempting to cross a busy road, he knows he must assist

Will Thornton was recently inspired to act while lounging on his balcony in Australia to rescue the life of a furry local.

Thornton observed a koala descending from a neighboring tree while looking down at the ground. The koala then appeared intent on crossing a major roadway just in front of him. It appeared that a catastrophe was going to occur, and Thornton couldn’t just stand by and watch.

“I raced down[stairs],” Thornton explained.

He hardly had time to put on his shoes.


Fortunately, by the time Thornton arrived, the koala had not gone too far into the road. This provided Thornton with the chance to assist in ensuring that the small animal could safely cross the highway.

Thornton began assisting the lucky koala by acting as a crossing guard, telling incoming automobiles to halt and give him the right of way.

Thornton’s mother-in-law captured the scene on video:

Thornton’s efforts had paid off, and the koala had across safely, going into the forest beyond.

Tragic events were avoided because to the generous act and Thornton’s fast thinking.

“I’m just pleased he got there,” Thornton added.