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Veteran Struggles to Afford Groceries Until Kind Customer Says, “Let Us Help”

We all face challenging times in life where we could use a little support to get back on our feet. This is especially true for those brave individuals who have served their country without asking for anything in return.

Unfortunately, many veterans find themselves struggling once they return to civilian life. If a soldier hasn’t served long enough, the benefits they receive may not be sufficient to sustain them, leaving some unsure of where to turn for help.

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FOX5 Las Vegas

Larry Robeson knows this all too well. Larry, a Vietnam veteran, found himself in a difficult situation, barely able to afford essential items and unsure of where to seek assistance.

However, destiny had other plans for Larry. He encountered the Fox 5 Surprise Squad, a team that visits grocery stores in Las Vegas to cover people’s grocery bills.

Despite his own financial struggles, Larry had taken his friend Stephanie, a disabled fellow veteran, to the store. Stephanie explained to the Fox 5 reporter that she was buying food for herself and her dogs, but she only had $50 left and didn’t know what she would do afterward.

Dave Hall, the reporter leading the Surprise Squad, was delighted to inform Stephanie that they would cover her groceries. She was overjoyed by the generous offer.

Dave then noticed Larry standing quietly behind Stephanie. It turned out that Larry, a friend of Stephanie’s husband, had founded the Bones for Blankets club years ago. The club’s mission was to donate blankets to homeless veterans, inspired by the tragic deaths of three veterans who had frozen to death.

Larry shared that Stephanie’s husband, a truck driver who was often away, had left Larry to keep Stephanie company and assist her due to her disability. Larry said to the Surprise Squad, “No veteran should have to endure what she’s going through.”

It could have ended there, but Dave Hall insisted that Larry wouldn’t leave the store without having his groceries paid for as well.

Larry, who had planned on buying just dish soap and candy, was told by Dave, “You served us. Now it’s our turn to serve you.”

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FOX5 Las Vegas

Larry was then able to pick out whatever he wanted in the store, amounting to $278, and he was moved to tears when the Surprise Squad covered the bill.

“This is just overwhelming. I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13,” Larry said, wiping away tears.

You can watch Larry’s touching experience with the Surprise Squad below:

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