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U.S. Actor Christian Oliver and His Two Daughters Perish in Caribbean Plane Crash

Christian Oliver, renowned for his roles in Speed Racer and The Good German, and his two young daughters have tragically lost their lives in a plane crash in the Caribbean, as confirmed by authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Police reports indicate that the incident took place on Thursday, just west of Petit Nevis Island near Bequia. The single-engine plane, which was en route to nearby St. Lucia, reportedly experienced technical issues shortly after takeoff, resulting in the aircraft crashing into the ocean.

“Moments after takeoff, the aircraft encountered difficulties and plunged into the sea,” stated investigators.

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The Royal SVG Police Force reported that local divers, fishermen, and coast guard members quickly responded to the crash site to provide aid.

Military personnel later recovered the bodies of the victims from the crash: Christian Oliver, his daughters Madita, 10, and Annik, 12, along with the pilot and owner of the aircraft, Robert Sachs of Bequia.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

According to Deadline, Oliver had recently completed filming his scenes for the upcoming movie Forever Hold Your Peace. Director Nick Lyon shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram late Thursday night, posting a photo of himself with Oliver.


“We had talked for years about producing a film together and finally made it happen,” Lyon wrote, noting their collaboration on five projects over the years. “Thank you for being a great colleague, actor, and friend.”

Lyon also described Oliver as “a courageous actor and a wonderful person.”

In a statement, Oliver’s ex-wife and mother of their daughters expressed her grief: “The deep bond, infectious laughter, and adventurous spirit shared by Madita and Annik will be deeply missed in their communities.”

Our condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Christian Oliver and his daughters. May they rest in peace.

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