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Tragic Easter Car Crash Claims Lives of 9-Year-Old Girl and Infant Brother; Parents Discover Heartbreaking Note Left by Daughter

Tragedy Strikes: Reckless Driving Claims Lives of Two Young Siblings and Grandmother

The Newville family’s excursion turned into a nightmare due to a tragic car accident caused by a distracted driver in 2017. Linda Irie, 50, was driving her three grandchildren – five-year-old Jace Newville, nine-year-old Brooklynn Newville, and their cousin Isabella Anthony, 6 – for a day of Easter photoshoot preparations. As they traveled down the Turner Turnpike near Wellston, Oklahoma, they were rear-ended by a 17-year-old driver who was reportedly reading text messages. The collision forced Irie’s car into two other vehicles, resulting in the deaths of Irie, Jace, and Brooklynn. Isabella was the sole survivor.

The devastating loss shattered Brian and Shaneé Newville, the parents of the deceased children, who continue to grapple with the pain seven years later. Shaneé, in an emotional Facebook post, expressed the profound void left by the absence of her loved ones. The Newvilles have struggled to cope, moving residences multiple times and finding it agonizing to revisit memories of their children.

Months after the tragedy, while going through their belongings, the grieving parents discovered Brooklynn’s bucket list, filled with aspirations she never got to fulfill. Among her dreams were experiences like hunting with her father and visiting landmarks. Determined to honor their daughter’s wishes, Brian and Shaneé resolved to accomplish them on her behalf.

Legal proceedings against the driver responsible for the accident were fraught with delays, frustrating the Newvilles’ pursuit of justice. Noah DeDear, the then-teenage driver, faced manslaughter charges but denied texting at the time of the crash, despite admitting to messaging his grandmother and girlfriend shortly before. The prolonged trial process added to the family’s anguish, amplifying their plea for closure.

In 2021, a jury was finally selected, offering a glimmer of hope for resolution. In memory of their lost loved ones and to prevent similar tragedies, the Newvilles launched the “Put it Down” campaign, urging drivers to refrain from using phones while driving.

The heartbreaking loss of Jace, Brooklynn, and their grandmother serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of distracted driving. May their souls rest in peace, and may their story inspire others to prioritize safety on the road.

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