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Tiny Bird Steals Fur from Sleepy Fox

Usually, little birds avoid foxes at all costs and try their best at it. However, when it comes to comfort, it’s worth the risk.

A fascinating video was shared recently by Texas Backyard Wildlife, which showed a unique encounter between a black-crested titmouse and a sleepy fox. The sleepy fox seemed to be a little annoyed with the jostling because of the bird repeatedly landing on him.

As Texas Backyard Wildlife explains, the titmouse was stealing the fox’s fur. See for yourself in the video below:

Despite the disruptions by the bird, the fox decided to try and go to sleep, and the titmouse got exactly what she came for. Texas Backyard Wildlife had this to say regarding this bold birdie: “Once she’d established that the fox wasn’t going to kill her, she went to work plucking out fur, and the fox let her do it! We were astonished.”


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