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Thousands praise the letter from a retired teacher to parents, do you share the sentiment

Almost everyone has a viewpoint on childcare, education, and the educational system.

American kids are currently falling behind their international counterparts. Why? To finally express her opinion, a retired teacher wrote this letter to the local newspaper.

I thought it was really on point, but please read it for yourself and let us know if you disagree!

The instructor wrote:

“As a retired teacher, I’m weary of individuals who don’t know anything about public schools or haven’t been in a classroom in a long time choosing how to improve our educational system.

Teachers are not the problem! Parents are the problem! They do not teach their children etiquette, respect, or even basic social skills.

The youngsters arrive at school wearing shoes that cost more than the teacher’s complete outfit, but without a pencil or paper. Who provides them? The professors frequently offer them out of their own pockets.

When evaluating “failing” schools, consider the parents and children. Do parents attend parent nights? Do they have regular conversations with their teachers? Do they ensure that their children are prepared by providing the required supplies? Do they ensure that their children complete their homework?

Do they have functional phone numbers? Do students take notes during class? Do they complete their homework? Do students pay attention in class, or are they the cause of class disruptions?

When you consider these criteria, you will notice that it is not the schools that are failing, but the parents. Teachers cannot accomplish both their jobs and their parents’ jobs. Nothing will improve unless parents stand up and do their part.”

Do you agree with this former teacher’s views?


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