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This mother stole 5 eggs to feed her children, instead of arresting her police officer brought her 2 truckloads of food.

Living poor is never easy. When this poor mom attempted to steal 5 eggs as she couldn’t stand seeing her kids starve, she was caught. When Constable William Stacy arrived there and heard about her and her kids, instead of punishing her he felt sorry. And he decided to make a change.

So instead of arresting her, he bought her, Mrs. Johnson some eggs.

Mrs. Johnson is struggling with her life. She only gets a monthly income of $ 120. With this, she has to feed her two daughters, nieces and two grandchildren who are aged between 1 and 3.

However, things went worse as she lost last weeks pay.

The family has not been eating for two days. So Mrs. Johnson went to the local store with only $1.25 in her hand trying to buy some eggs.

But she was 50 cents short to buy the eggs, so she decided to put 5 eggs to her pockets.

But unfortunately, some eggs broke in her pockets.

“I was never a good thief,” she said.

The store staff noticed the egg yolks in her dress and she was stopped. She then admitted that she stole the eggs to feed her children.

the staff had already called The police when officer William arrived, he went and talked to the store owners.

After discussing they decided to not to charge Mrs. Johnson. When they arrived at her house, she expected that she would be arrested.

“She was all in tears and she tried to offer me all the money she had $1.25,” said officer William.

Then he explained to her that she would not be arrested. He remembered he had visited her family previously, she and her family sleep on the floor.

“She had told me exactly what she was going through on the previous day,” said the officer.

“It was the right thing to do, I didn’t want to give her more trouble.”

The officer had brought her eggs and some other groceries. When Mrs. Johnson asked how she could pay him back, he only asked her to do one thing. Never shoplift again.

“I hope she would never do it again, and I think she never will,” said William.

Before the officer went back to his car, Mrs. Johnson hugged him. And it was a tearful moment.

After this incident, officers started a fundraiser at People’s First Federal Credit Union so that Mr.Johnson could receive some donations. After this story went viral the donations came in. This poor lady received money, food, and clothing from all over the states.


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