This Cute, Adorable Round Bearded Reedling Can Make You Aww

Are you an Angry Birds fan? Well, I am. Don’t you feel it’s interesting to observe the behavior of other animals? Like to make it a hobby?

Bird world is a whole new world with different colors with mesmerizing birds. Each and every bird has unique characteristics.

If you have never thought about watching birds as a hobby, this bird, Bearded Reedling would be able to grab your attention.

This cutie is a small bird with a long tail. As they are approximately 16.5cm, one can easily fit into your palm.

Image credits: Kev Chapman

Their unique appearance makes them highlighted.

Image credits: rado_vaclav

Females are paler and have no mustache marking. Their beaks are darker than the males’

Image credits: nickpix2008

Their range is slowly decreasing

Image credits: rado_vaclav