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This cat who is super cute with his eyes went viral online

We all love kitties. If you say you don’t, you are just lying to yourself. And this cute little cat will change your mind for sure. Lovers of kittens of the world have united behind their love for this particular kitten.

This cute cat entered a shelter in Indiana and the staff immediately noticed it. Yes, he was small and cute, but they were attracted to his eyes. Black cats are very popular, one of the most popular cat breeds, perhaps thanks to Goths or witches. However, leaving aside the jokes, the staff wondered why someone had left it first.

The kitten had small bulging eyes that followed you everywhere you go in the room. Now, for the staff, it was super cute, but obviously that was not what his old family wanted. His little vague eye makes her look much more cute, but they were not sure everyone would agree.

The staff hoped that prospective adopters would find it cute, but they were just not sure. Then a staff member who is particularly in love with the kitten posted photos online. It was at that moment that he became uncontrollable.

she posted the photos on Reddit, but the responses were quickly overwhelming. People liked the cat. They loved his pretty soft body, his round face and his little legs. But most of all, they loved his bulging eyes. In addition, many people have proposed adopting it. The comments were very positive and affirmative:

“Where is this cat? My boyfriend really wants to adopt it! “Said a person.

“What nuggets of stuffed animals <3”, said another.

“It’s the next level cute.”

“What a love :)”

Flooded comments, and our kitten was adopted soon. Just show that it is not the outside that counts!

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