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These Dolphins Meet A Sloth For The First Time And The Lost Their Minds

Everything is getting harder every minute with the outbreak of Covid-19. Right now, it’s insanely rare to hear good news. So, these days what we need is a little bit of optimism to pass the time.

Though you believe it not, this mayhem is a result of our actions. Just think about it. Hence, as one species spends days inside or being quarantined, there is this other species who enjoys this outbreak.

The animals are 99.9% immune to Covid-19. So, I’m pretty sure that most of the wild lives are enjoying the season. But, what about the ones we captivated for our own pleasure? Who going to look after them, what is happening to them? Has it ever occurred to you the life they are spending in a cell without committing any crime?

However, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago took their penguins on an adorable pick-nick recently. The purpose was to make the animals meet each other. The same thing happened in Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium. They took orangutans to meet an otter family. Fascinating, isn’t it? But in this article, I’m going to tell you about dolphins in Texas aquarium who literally lost their minds after meeting a sloth for the first time.

The Purest Form of Friendship

Though most of us complain about being stuck at home all the time, zoo animals seem to enjoy their dull life dedicated to entertaining humans. I mean, it’s like a vacation for them. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to be ‘free.’ So, they take tours in the zoos they live.

Dolphins Were Excited to See a Sloth

Well, most of us tend to think that sloths are not as entertaining as dolphins. That’s probably why Texas State Aquarium decided to make a rendezvous among these animals. It seems like Chico, 3-year old local celebrity, surely has the time of his life.

Perfect time for animals to wander

According to the Texas Aquarium Authority, Chico the sloth had a hell of a tour. First, he had the chance to say hello to some ducks. Then, he met seahorses before meeting up with sharks where he carried his favorite branch with him. He was happy to meet the jellyfish, but nothing was like the last union with dolphins who were waiting for Chico.

During the Temporary Closing, Chico Could Make Most Of The Animals Happy.

It turns out that the Aquarium staff often takes their animals on such little voyages. “We frequently give the animals a chance to “meet” each other as a form of enrichment, which helps keep them active in body and mind. As some of our most popular animals, it seemed an obvious choice for our sloths and dolphins to get a chance to see each other while we were temporarily closed. We have another sloth, Xena, but on that day, she was more interested in sleeping than meeting the dolphins!”

Last Week, The Texas State Aquarium Decided to Check the Reaction Between The Sloth and Two Dolphins.                                                                                                                                                                          

The Aquarium staff explained, “Our dolphins have had the opportunity to meet several other animals over the years, including baby gators, an African serval, a red-tailed boa and others. They’re almost always very curious about the other Aquarium residents,” The lucky winners who met Chico last week were four of their male bottlenose dolphins: Kai, Shadow, Liko, and Schooner.

And The Result Were Astonishing …                                                                                                                              

“Besides making for some fin-tastic photo ops, these animal interspecies meetups are just one of the many ways we are “closed but still caring” during the COVID-19 situation. Along with enrichment opportunities for our animals, our staff is still busy at work preparing meals for and feeding the animals, maintaining their habitats, and looking after their medical care, to name just a few tasks.”

The Dolphins Were Excited To Meet a Sloth            

“We’re striving to share as many of these stories as we can with our guests and viewers around the world to keep them engaged, educated and entertained while they’re at home. Right now we’ve had the most success through social media posts like this one, along with virtual views of our animals and daily live distance learning programs.”

Though Chico Didn’t Show Much Reaction, We Are Sure That He Enjoyed The Companions      

You can watch the video of Chico’s trip here:


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