These 40 tricks will help you to survive longer

Most of the time, we tend to think that social media is more like a bad influence for people as many misuse it. If you are having the same notion, well, these facts will change your mind. 

Jack Neel, a video creator and the founder of ‘fyp’ channel, who has more than 6.2 million TikTok followers shares these 40 super useful tactics and strategies with us. 

” I’ve done a lot of educational series on my TikTok page over the past year or so, and within the past few months I’ve narrowed down my niche to horror/true-crime-related topics. ‘Facts That Could Save Your Life’ fit well onto my page because of dark/mysterious undertones. It’s one of my followers’ favorite series, and they’ve noted how they always save/download my videos in case they need the advice for the future,” he commented.


fyp,Roland Tanglao

If you ever meet a service dog, do not hesitate to follow it. The owner might be in danger.



Has your house  ever smelt like fish? Well, it means 9 out of 10 that there’s an electrical fire in your place.


fyp,Paul Hanaoka

112 is the international service number and if you’re abroad and need help, keep the number in your mind. 


fyp,Nikolas Noonan

If you see a tornado but if it’s not moving, the chances are it’s moving towards your direction. 


fyp,Evgeny Tchebotarev

Feel like someone is following your car? Take four right turns which will make it a circle. If you still spot the car, drive directly towards the police station. 



If someone tries to kidnap you, scratch him/her so the person’s DNA will be in your nails. 



Let’s assume that you are burried in an avalanche. Keep in your mind that your saliva will follow the gravity. So you can get out by digging the opposite way. 


fyp,Dean Hochman

If you smell gas on your house, never ever turn on the switch as it could explode your place 


fyp,Matheus Queiroz

If you disturb a beehive or a wasp nest mistakingly, do not run for water because they will wait for you to resurface and sting you. So, just run as much as you can and eventually, they will stop following you. 


fyp,Zachary SpearsReport