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The woman who saved the orphaned kangaroo won’t stop hugging her

Teesh Foy focused on the side of the road as she sped through Perth’s suburbs. Her father had warned her that someone was in danger since he is an animal lover and caregiver. She hoped to be of assistance.

She suddenly noticed him. A young kangaroo was sobbing for his mother as he stumbled through an orchard on his own. Coaxing the joey into one of the pouches they had packed was a difficult task that Foy and her husband started. The kangaroo was swift and wary of people. Foy feared she would never see him again as he continued to disappear deeper into the orchard.

Foy remarked in an interview, “My heart was bleeding for him because he was so afraid.”


Foy persisted, as did her husband. The hungry and worn-out kangaroo eventually understood that Foy, a seasoned wildlife caretaker, was there to assist. He relaxed into Foy’s warm hug and let her possess him.

When he arrived at Foy’s residence, the kangaroo, whom Foy called Archie, was still quite uneasy. For the first six to nine months of their existence, joeys in the wild are housed in their mothers’ pouches. Archie missed his mother’s comfort and security. Fortunately, Foy was delighted to take on the role of Archie’s mother. She gave Archie all the love he was lacking while holding him close to her chest so he would feel safe.

Foy continues to say: “I would catch him and cuddle and kiss him. He just loved the closeness.”


Shane Williams, the owner of Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue, and Foy quickly became friends. Archie might have received the attention he required before being safely released back into the wild thanks to Williams’ expertise, availability, and resources. Archie’s departure broke Foy’s heart, but she knew it was for the best.

Foy stated, “I knew it was the correct decision, but it was tough and sad to make.” “I only had him for ten days, but he instantly won my heart.”


Archie has made friends with other rescued kangaroos at the shelter. When they’re ready, the kangaroos will be released into the wild as a group, or “mob,” to form their own society.

In an interview, Williams had this to say: “Kangaroos are highly social, and thrive with a mob. Archie now has a ready-made mob, his siblings.”

Just like he would have done in the wild, Archie has been taking part in all the activities that kangaroos enjoy, including playing, eating, sleeping, and lounging around with his pals. Williams is really proud of Archie’s fortitude. Despite all that he has endured, he still has the most kind disposition.


Williams remarked, “Archie is a really compassionate man. He only desires to be liked.”

Williams understands that, even if Archie is still working through the trauma of his adolescence, he will eventually adjust and have a full, happy life.

Archie will get better, Williams assured. His future is promising.


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