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The Stray Dog Who Got A Job In Hyundai.

We always thought only humans have got to do jobs. Would you believe if I tell you that a dog has been hired by Hyundai as a permanent member?

Yeah, you heard right.

It was banal for Hyundai Prime to see a pup hanging around the store. They thought he would leave eventually. On the contrary, he stayed.

And having the luck to meet good people, Tucson Prime received a home, membership in the dealership with an ID.

Tucson was hired and adopted in May. But it was in the last week that the dog-with-a-job went viral as Hyundai Brazil posted about the ‘pawfessional consultant’ on Insta.

All they wanted was to give a better life for the dog. But, it turns out that Tucson is good at winning the heart of customers, which made him get a promotion.

Emerson Mariano, the showroom manager, commented on Top Motors Brazil that Clients gave positive feedback on Tucson. Also, his presence has improved the friendly environment of the showroom being “very caring and docile nature.”

The managed further said clients returned to the showroom even after the purchase just to say hi to Tucson.

The manager recalls the night he saved Tucson. It was a rainy night, and Mariano felt sorry for the dog. So, he invited the dog to have some food and water.

Though Mariano didn’t plan on keeping the dog, Tucson’s big heart enchanted him. And the end is more like a fairy tale.

“After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals,” he said.

Tucson was vaccinated and given the proper medications. Well, as being a member of Hyundai is not enough, Tucson will be the model in a national advertising campaign next year for Hyundai.

Image credits: tucson_prime

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