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The rescue dog waits by her bed for dad to tuck her in every night.

It’s not always easy for a dog to get a good sleep. This dog named Bailey is also a part of it. But her dad Mac Clenney started wrapping her up like a burrito during their sweet bedtime. The rescue pup has been sleeping like a baby.

Clenney and his wife adopted Bailey Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue 2020. Then they quickly realized the young pup had some fears to overcome.

Whenever they would snuggle with blankets on the couch, Bailey felt much more comfortable and calmer whenever she was wrapped or covered with a blanket. When they met with her wonderful foster mom, she told us that Bailey was one of the most scared and timid dogs she would ever come across.


Clenney fell in love with Bailey and worked with a dog behaviorist to help ease her worries. But it was not that easy. Whenever they enter the living room, she would jump off the back of the couch and run. It took six-plus months before she got comfortable with me even approaching her. By that time, Bailey began to trust her new family.


They did it as a bit of a tease at bedtime. When she snuggled into it, they decided to leave her. They woke up the next morning and she was still tucked in. Then they started to do it every night. Clenney and his wife also have a “diva” orange-colored tabby named Penny. It also developed a special relationship with Bailey all her own.


They will snuggle together and Penny will tease Bailey with her tail. Bailey acts like she wants to chase Penny whatever she gets zoomies, but she knows there’s no chance of her catching her. Bailey is the one who was rescued. But this fearful dog taught her parents a very important lesson.

Getting through to her and showing her a kinder world meant months and years of patience and understanding. She is now going with them to parks, stores, and breweries. She is now becoming the best of herself.


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