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The News Anchor Spots The Same Stolen Dog In The Street, Which She Was Reporting About, Realizing That The Kidnapper Is Walking Him

You don’t need to wear a cape to be a hero. Boston reporter Juliana Mazza proved to the whole world that your wit can make you a real-time hero. 

Juliana and her local 7NEWS crew got news on the dognapping story and they were covering it while Juliana noticed that a man is walking the same dog, Titus, who was stolen last Friday from a car park in Cambridge. 

Not making a fuss, she simply played along as she used this sheer luck to catch the dognapper red-handed. Like she is trying to say hello, she checked the dog’s collar. Realizing that this is the stolen dog, she asked some straight questions from the dognapper and called 911, solving the whole dog case. 

So, thanks to her wits and guts, the 13-month old German shorthaired pointer was lucky enough to reunite with his owner, Greg Siesczkiewicz who got super emotional to get his best bud back. 

The CCT captured when the Titus was stolen from a car park

Juliana realized that this is the same stolen dog

After asking few questions from the dognapper, she called the police



Titus finally met his favorite hooman again


However, the dognapper came up with all lies as “this is clearly a misunderstanding” and he got Titus mixed up with another dog which he was supposed to be walking. Breaking his argument, Juliana asked why didn’t he call the number in the collar if has mixed up the dogs. His answer was his phone was broken on Saturday but then he changed his story as he lost his phone on Monday. Well, knowing that he screwed it up, he apologized for his ‘mistake’ and he was charged for larceny over 1.2k dollars and illegally breaking and entering into a car. 

On the other side, Titus and his owner are enjoying their reunion. “I’m just glad that the person came back and I’m just glad that you guys were there. If anyone ever sees this who question the value of media, social media, broadcast media, this proves it,” Greg said to 7NEWS. 

The lost and found of Titus went viral and here are some comments of people all around the world



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