The most unusual friendship between a house cat and a lynx

Who ever said cats aren’t friendly? The beauty of friendship is that it can be forged between the most unusual of people, in this case, animals. Practice shows that friendship between domestic and wild animals are possible, where if they are from the same species, they are able to find a common language.

This little exploring kitty cat from St. Petersburg put on her walking shoes and walked straight into the zoo in search of food. The lucky calico found food as well as a close friend.

The stray cat managed to find food in a trash heap, and also some large chunks of beef carcass, in a cage of a zoo representative, a lynx. As it would seem, what should have happened was that when the lynx saw the intruder was feasting on her food, she would rip it apart. However, the miracle was that the lynx did not touch the small cat.

One of two things happened. One is that the lynx felt a kind of kinship towards the cat and two, it realized that the stray didn’t find any food and is dying of hunger. Whichever the reason, the calico now visits the lynx often and shares all three meals with her friend, and as the surroundings get cold, the cat would lean against the lynx and warm herself. As a thank you, the stray calico licks the lynx’s fur.

The cat didn’t go unnoticed by the zoo staff and not to deprive the rightful owner of meat, they took measured to increase the lynx’s daily portion so that the cat wouldn’t have to go hungry either.