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The laundry dog Cody, takes naps on all the machines

Larkin Street Laundry has someone special for you to greet if you walk in around closing time.

The greeter is non-other than, an 8 years old golden retriever Cody. Every night he helps his dad to close up the Laundromat. He takes his job very seriously. While his dad cleans and puts everything away, Cody takes a nap on top of the washing machines.


Fortunately, his dad doesn’t mind that Cody isn’t the best worker. Stephanie, who is Cody’s human sister, says that her dad is used to taking dogs to the Laundromat with him when he closes up at the end of the day. Their old dog loved to sit in the chairs to watch customers and people pass by. But Cody is more Nimble than him.

They let him sit on the chairs. But he however figured out a way to climb the chair to the smaller washers and then to the bigger ones. He is lazier than the old dog.


Cody is the main attraction of the Laundromat. He provides the perfect distraction for customers waiting for their clothes to finish drying. Cody loves when people come to him. His motto according to Stephanie is, “I do what I want”!


From his high-up vantage point, he can keep watch on what’s going on at the Laundromat. Stephanie thinks that it is because he loves to see everyone at his eye level, and he may feel like a king up there.
After years of his service at the Laundromat, he became a local celebrity and even the subject of a few memes.


But the good boy never let his fame distract his job.


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