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Stray cat follows a man from a café and chooses him as her dad

Basil Akwan used to work on his laptop at a local café in Kuwait. While having a coffee he and his girlfriend enjoy their time outside. They were not the only ones in the café, but for someone he was special.


There were two little kitten sisters enjoying the café. The comfy chairs were well suitable for them to take a nap and it was an awning to protect them from the sun and rain.

The kittens discovered that fellow regulars Akwan and his girlfriend were pushovers when it came to handing out treats. The kittens used to wait together in the same spot in the café even on rainy days. All they wanted was food and cuddles.


One of the strays, named Sophie became particularly attached to Akwan and started following him to his car. It was clear that she wanted to go with him. she hopped inside the car when he let her. Akwan couldn’t stand to leave her behind. So he decided to rescue Sophie. His girlfriend took her kitten sister.

Four months later the pair was perfectly in sync. Akwan was happy about his playful kitten and even he gets her toys all the time. she is also adapted to his habits like sleeping.


Sophie is now the last thing Akwan sees at night and the first thing he sees in the morning. He is glad to be her father!


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