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Rescue Squirrel Is Overjoyed To Unwrap Her Present

Thumbelina was orphaned as a newborn after her family’s nest was damaged by adjacent construction, and she was adopted by wildlife rehabbers. Their plan was to raise her and ultimately return her to the wild. Unfortunately, it became evident after a while that Thumbelina would not be able to live securely on her own in the wild, at least not anytime soon, due to several developmental and health difficulties.

“Release is never out of the question, but she has a long way to go for the time being,” her family said on her website.


Thumbelina is content for the time being to live indoors with her family. They take excellent care of her, constantly ensuring that she is surrounded by her favorite items.

Thumbelina’s favorite things include her pink doughnut bed, wet paper towels, little plush animals, and, of course, avocados. Thumbelina is obsessed with avocados.

Thumbelina received several gifts for Christmas this year. She enjoyed opening each one, but her family knew that her final present would be her favorite. She was ecstatic when they presented it to her, all wrapped up, and couldn’t wait to tear it up and see what was inside.

Thumbelina eagerly tore open her lovely surprise…


… and was pleased when she finally realized what it was.

It’s an avocado.

“She was in shock for a second, then her eyes lighted up and [she] dug in,” Thumbelina’s mother, Christina (who requested that her last name not be used), told The Dodo. “She’s only permitted a small amount at a time, but it was Christmas and Santa wanted her to have it, so she had a few more nibbles before we took it away to keep for later.”


Thumbelina could not have imagined a greater present than an avocado. It’s her favorite treat, and she’s fortunate because she gets them all the time, not just on holidays.

Maybe one day Thumbelina will be able to return to the wild. For the time being, she’s pleased to stay inside with her family, running about, making mischief, and eating avocados.


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