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Rare brown Siberian husky with gorgeous blue eyes becomes famous in social media

There are many beautiful breeds among dogs. And when it comes to Huskies they have even beautiful differences. This beautiful Siberian husky will steal your heart at the first sight.


This rare brown Husky has become a social media star. He has more than 114 thousand users who have followed the page on Instagram. The dog’s name is Se Quoi or Quoi. His owner Nicky revealed that the idea of his name comes from a sequoia tree.

She said that she wanted his name to be big and tall and strong like a sequoia tree.


The dog has bright blue eyes and brown fur and he is a 100% Husky! According to Nicky thanks to this he is often in the spotlight.

Brown Huskies are extremely rare and that is why he became this much famous among dog lovers. It is no surprise that this kind of beautiful dog gets a lot of attention wherever he goes. People love to pet him.


Nicky says that strangers always ask “who is he!” And when she says it is a Siberian husky no one believes. It is AKC certified and 100% Siberian husky!

Nicky says that she wanted to adopt a completely different dog until she met Quoi.


She says that Quoi is not the dog that she was looking for but he was exactly the dog that she needed. She loves him so much.


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