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Questioning My Parenting: Is it Wrong to Ask my Pregnant Daughter to Leave?

Every parent desires the best for their children, always offering comfort and reassurance in tough times. Rose, at 19, shared with her mom, Ella, about her relationship with Nathan. Initially skeptical, Ella grew to accept Nathan, impressed by his respect for Rose. Ella’s concern, however, lingered over Rose’s college prospects.


One day, Rose approached Ella with news, nervously confessing, “Please don’t get upset… I am pregnant with Nathan’s baby.” Ella’s heart sank, fearing for her daughter’s future. Rose, though, assured Ella of her plans to balance motherhood and college. Another bombshell followed: Rose revealed her engagement to Nathan, cementing their commitment.


Ella, despite her initial reservations, welcomed the couple into her home, preparing a nursery with joy. Yet, her world shattered one day upon discovering Rose with another man. Shocked and hurt, Ella confronted Rose, demanding explanations.


The stranger fled, leaving behind shattered trust and Ella’s heartache. Despite Rose’s pleas, Ella couldn’t overlook the betrayal. Tearfully, she asked Rose to leave, grappling with her decision’s harshness.

As Rose begged for mercy, Ella wrestled with the truth: Should she tell Nathan? Was her decision justifiable or fueled by hurt?


Ella turned to Reddit, seeking advice. The story evokes empathy and raises questions about forgiveness, honesty, and protecting family integrity. Share your thoughts on this complex situation.


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