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Perfectly timed photographs which make you look twice.

Our world is filled with amazing and unexpected moments. The way we look the world and what a photograph shows us would be totally different. We want to capture a moment through a lenses but it tells us a totally different story proving the world is unpredictable. Here are some coincidences captured through photographs and surely they will make you look twice.

How long he has been growing this beard

© Garnier Fructis

Nature matches with humans perfectly

© dinocantelli

Best disguise

© Bence Bakonyi

It would be better if I found someone wearing the same dress rather than floor

© beedat / imgur

A pickpocket can be revealed any time

© imgur

The titanic company has delivered Iceberg lettuce

© CribbageLeft / reddit

You can find a smile anywhere in the world

© crazymuffin ​/ reddit

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite

© sandely65 / reddit

You can find your perfect match anywhere anytime

© ipylaev / pikabu

A huge broccoli in the side of street

© Bdogg242 / reddit

Trying to hide

© UntoldDimension / imgur

Criminal is found

© reddit

Rafiki from the lion king is found in a pipe line

© SweetSound / reddit

I am what you are looking

© tezzabelle / reddit

Perfect breakfast

© antfro946 / reddit

Door and handle seems as a UFO in a forest

© Saemperson / imgur

A cute coincidence, its neck matching the shore

© tortugatuba/reddit

In the background it is a lake, though it seems as a fence

© artistdesignerwriter / reddit

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