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Meghan Markle Fears Major Decision for Archie and Lilibet – Potential Future Blame Worries Her, Suggests Royal Expert

Despite their tender age, Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie have already been thrust into the limelight for years. With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relocation to the US and subsequent criticisms of the royal family, experts cautioned that their children might bear the brunt of these decisions in the future.

Granting their children royal titles, which they argued as their “birthright,” Harry and Meghan face strained relations with their UK family, barely spending time with their grandfather, King Charles, cousins, or uncle.

The decision to move to the US for a fresh start begs the question: was it in the best interest of their children? Meghan now harbors fears that this choice could significantly impact their future, with potential resentment directed towards her.

Royal children have always captivated global fans, a tradition spanning generations, heightened by Princess Diana’s endearing legacy. However, not all royal offspring receive equal attention. Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet were removed from the public life they might have had in the UK due to their parents’ relocation.


While Harry and Meghan grapple with adapting to a more private lifestyle, their occasional public appearances, notably in their Netflix documentary series, draw criticism, particularly for involving their children without their consent.

The announcement of royal titles for Lilibet and Archie in 2023 sparked controversy. Despite the children’s entitlement to these titles, Harry and Meghan expressed a desire for them to decide their usage in the future, reflecting their intention to navigate a balance between their royal heritage and personal autonomy.

While Harry and Meghan are entitled to bestow royal titles upon their children, not everyone views this decision favorably. Expert and author Angela Levin expressed concerns about the potential negative impact on Archie and Lilibet’s futures.

Levin suggested that Lilibet now carries a significant burden due to her parents’ choice, highlighting the potential challenges she may face with the princess title attached to her name.

Similarly, public sentiment regarding the royal titles for Archie and Lilibet is divided. A YouGov poll indicated that a majority of respondents felt they shouldn’t have been granted these titles.

Despite occasional visits to the UK, Harry and Meghan’s reluctance to bring their children back reflects concerns over their safety. Reports suggest Meghan fears for her children’s well-being in the British Isles, leading to hesitancy about returning.

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While much about Archie and Lilibet’s lives in California remains private, Prince Harry’s passion for polo is well-known. His friend, Nacho Figueras, expressed hopes that Archie and Lilibet would share this enthusiasm in the future.

As Harry and Meghan navigate their new life in the US, concerns persist about the long-term implications of their decisions for their children. Royal expert Tom Quinn suggests that Meghan fears Archie and Lilibet may resent her for depriving them of the opportunity to be working royals.

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Ultimately, time will reveal Archie and Lilibet’s desires regarding royal life. Regardless of their choices, their cousins are likely to welcome them with open arms.

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