Magnificent site of a giant whale breaching next to a small boat

Nature reminds us time and time again, how amazing it can be by showing its’ true self. This was perfectly captured in the waters of Monteray Bay, California, a place which is famous for whale watching.

Image credits: Douglas Croft

Photographer Douglas Craft was able to catch the spectacular encounter with a gigantic humpback whale, breaching the water right next to a small fishing boat. In an interview, Douglas goes on to say: “The whale is huge! If I’d been the fisherman, I’d probably need some new underwear.”

Image credits: Douglas Croft

Next to the small fishing boat, and the angle which the shots were taken from, the whale looked even more gargantuan, and the photographer had this to say: “I went below deck to shoot from a porthole close to the waterline. That’s what gives this amazing perspective of looking up at the whale.”

Image credits: Douglas Croft

Whale watcher Kate Cummings, who was with Douglas on this expedition, had captured the incredible whale breaching on video, and talking about this incident, she said: “It was fun capturing this video. The whale had already breached multiple times much further away from the fisherman.

But sometimes when whales breach multiple times, they’re also heading a specific direction when they’re underwater building momentum for the next breach. I figured the next breach would be around the fisherman because the whale was heading that way and sure enough! Though I didn’t expect the whale and the boat to line up so perfectly.”