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Large Sea Lion Enters Fish Market and Demands Snacks.

A lately very hungry sea lion decided he wanted to join in on the human habit of looking for ways to make things more easy.


An onshore fish market caught the attention of a sea lion from South America, who decided to waddle in and check it out. When he saw how many fish had been gathered there, he became extremely excited. Undoubtedly the marine lions’ dream!

He approached one of the men handling the fish in the hopes that someone might be willing to share with him.


… and anxiously awaited the generous offer of a snack from the man.


The sea lion followed the man’s every step, waiting and waddling alongside him until he finally fed him more fish, delighted by his kindness and hoping it would continue. The man attempted to be as productive as possible while avoiding the enormous, starving sea lion. People continued to work all around them.


A small group had also begun to form, and they were all amused at and quite interested in the sea lion who had discovered the ideal location for lunch.

Without a sure, the sea lion continued to beg and eat long after the video ended, and it’s probable that the fish market has gained a new regular customer.


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