Kind-hearted people in a rescue decide to fill a bus with lost animals left behind after Hurricane

Many families were devastated by the floodwaters from Hurricane Ian that happened late last month. They tried to put the pieces of their lives back together. Lost pets wandered the streets hoping someone might help them.

For their luck, the Big Dog Ranch Rescue bus was on its way to help.


The rescue bus was flush with pet foods, blankets, crates and other supplies. It made its way through the Florida streets ready to help anyone in need. The executive director of the rescue, Robin Friedman was heavy-hearted as she met many pets separated from their homes. She said that it is heartbreaking on many levels.

Soon, the bus was filled with lost dogs who were all happy to be on their way to a safe place.


The rescue’s mission was to reunite families with their pets. They have been so happy to provide a temporary shelter to the pets while their families figure out what to do next. They didn’t want them to lose their pet too.

Already the rescue has helped many of the dogs left alone without a forever home.

While many still struggle to recover after the storm, with the help of organizations like big Dog Ranch Rescue, Florida residents, and their pets are slowly getting back the life they used to be.