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Keeping Head Lice at Bay: Tips for Children and Adults!

Kim Wright, a mother, recently shared a valuable tip on Facebook that couldn’t come at a better time as we gear up for the back-to-school rush. She suggests a simple yet effective method to ward off lice infestations in children: incorporating tea tree oil into their hair care routine.

Adding just a few drops of tea tree oil to your children’s shampoo or concocting a diluted tea tree oil spray for their hair can go a long way in reducing the risk of lice taking up residence. Not only does this natural remedy work wonders against lice, but it also doubles as a deterrent for pesky mosquitoes.

Despite our diligent efforts, lice infestations may still occur. However, fret not; there are several effective methods available to eradicate them if they do strike.

It’s important to note that lice don’t discriminate by age. Therefore, it’s wise for adults to consider using the tea tree oil spray as a preventive measure for themselves as well.

Dealing with lice can be quite the hassle, but by taking these proactive measures, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of your family falling victim to these tiny pests.


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