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“I Apologize For My Cat’s Tail”: A Scottish PM’s Cat Interrupts A Zoom Meeting

You might be the most powerful person in the world, but for your pet, you are just a human being. A cat belongs to a Scottish member of the parliament interrupts a Zoom meeting, which goes viral on the internet. 

Rojo, the fluffy-tailed cat of a parliament member, John Nicolson of Ochil & South Perthshire, interrupted when the committee was having a serious discussion about having subtitles on children’s television.

John Nicolson, a Scottish lawmaker, was recently photobombed by his cat during a virtual meeting

“I apologize for my cat’s tail,” the lawmaker, Nicolson, said to his colleagues right away. Others were highly amused by this sudden interruption. Rojo was able to steal the spotlight of his owner just using its tail.

The cat named Rojo walked in front of the camera and waved his tail across the screen

You might be making the most important decision, but, most of the pets are like Rojo. That’s why Nicolson kindly ordered his cat, “Rojo, put your tail down, please.”

The video almost instantly went viral

Rojo played his part in the meeting and allowed the humans to continue their boring discussion. But, Rojo’s appearance went viral, and Nicolson was delighted by the fame his cat received.

And the Scottish MP was thrilled about Rojo’s newfound fame

Here’s how people online reacted