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Homeless Mans Visits Dog where they Share the Sweetest routine

For someone to offer the greatest gift of all, they need not have many material possessions. The only thing they need is a warm and loving heart. You can easily ask this dog named Mimi.

Living with her owner Edna Kobori in Brazil, Mimi formed the most adorable routine with someone with very little to offer in return. Although many will say that the man has nothing to offer, Mimi goes on to prove them wrong.

The man who stops by every day to bring joy to Mimi is Sebastião.

Edna Kobori

Kobori says this about Mimi’s visitor: “Mr. Sebastião, a homeless man, can’t pass by my street without talking to Mimi. She knows who loves animals.”

You can see for yourself one such visit right here:

Although nobody knows precisely when the duo’s routine began, everyone can easily understand that both man and dog look forward to these loving little visits. The best gifts cost practically nothing. A gesture of kindness can turn out to be the best gift that you can give someone.

If the wealth is measured in wagging tails and pets, the friendship between Mimi and Sebastião is the richest of all.


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