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Here’s The Best Smiling Dog You’d See On the Internet Today

It’s heartbreaking when you pass an animal shelter, but you can take one home. And what about them, how would they feel spending their lives in a kennel without being properly loved?  That’s why animals moan or howl when you walk past them in a shelter.

This story is about Burreaux, a Labrador Retriever mix puppy who is longing for a home. And whenever someone talks to him, well literally, he responses with a high pitch and an adorable smile.

Director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, Courtney Wingate noted the smiling-dog and took him and his two siblings from the shelter. Being a huge LSU fan, she named the puppies as O, Joe, and Burreaux.

She wants to give these loving animals for a caring home. Joe was immediately adopted, but Bureau and O are still available for adoption.

However, Burreaux’s smile went viral, and his video has got 90K views saying, “Burreaux begging for attention 😬❤ Oh and this smiler still needs a home.”


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